Appearance and Grooming

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  • American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming — The American Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming (AFCG) is a private foundation whose president and primary contributor is David Letterman. The foundation s treasurer is Fred Nigro, who has appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman where he …   Wikipedia

  • grooming — n. 1. Preparing a person for a position requiring skilled behavior, especially by providing opposrtunity for practise and guidance in making the right decisions; as, to provide grooming for one s successor as president. [WordNet sense 1] Syn:… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • grooming — noun a) Care for ones personal appearance, hygiene, and clothing. b) The act of teaching someone, often for advancement at work. Syn: coaching, mentoring, curry …   Wiktionary

  • Horse grooming — For other types of grooming see Groom Common tools used for grooming a horse Horse grooming is hygienic care given to a horse, or a process by which the horse s physical appearance is enhanced for horse shows or other types of competition …   Wikipedia

  • Dog grooming — For other types of grooming see Groom A Newfoundland dog lying next to its combed out seasonal undercoat. Dog grooming refers to both the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog, as well as a process by which a dog s physical appearance is enhanced… …   Wikipedia

  • Media and Publishing — ▪ 2007 Introduction The Frankfurt Book Fair enjoyed a record number of exhibitors, and the distribution of free newspapers surged. TV broadcasters experimented with ways of engaging their audience via the Internet; mobile TV grew; magazine… …   Universalium

  • Social grooming — In social animals and humans social grooming or allogrooming is an activity in which individuals in a group clean or maintain each other s body or appearance. It is a major social activity, and a means by which animals who live in proximity can… …   Wikipedia

  • List of French words and phrases used by English speakers — Here are some examples of French words and phrases used by English speakers. English contains many words of French origin, such as art, collage, competition, force, machine, police, publicity, role, routine, table, and many other Anglicized… …   Wikipedia

  • Ares (Hercules and Xena) — Infobox Hercaverse and Xenaverse Character|Alliance=#A9A9A9 Ares Title=Ares First=Ares Last=Soul Possession Creator=Robert Tapert Name=Ares Job=The Olympian god of war Kind=A god, occasionally human Affiliation=Xena, Callisto, Hope, Livia/Eve… …   Wikipedia

  • Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse — Beginning in 2004, human rights violations in the form of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse, including torture,[1][2][3] …   Wikipedia

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